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Clavon, nestled in the mature estate of Clementi, is a minimalist interpretation of modern living. Based on the philosophy that simplicity is the truest sophistication, the design evokes both a sense of journey and respite within. From contemplative landscapes to chic interiors, Clavon is a return to the essence of living. It is here that you will find calm, clarity and comfort.

Journey into Nature

Arrive home to nature and leave the stresses of the day behind. The design of the drop-off
plaza is reminiscent of a resort, with elements of nature and water to soothe your senses.

Luscious Gardens

The lush landscape is spread across two levels, with terraced gardens and
cascading waterfalls. Surrounded by nature, you can breathe easy and relax.

Beckoning Nature

Rediscover the restorative wonders of nature amidst beautiful landscapes.

Intimate Surroundings

The lower level has a series of cosy and intimate spaces, such as the jacuzzi cove and spa
pavilion. Reconnect with yourself, and those around you, in an edenesque, serene setting.

640 elegant homes
ranging from 1 to 5 bedrooms

1-Bedroom + Study

527sq ft
678 – 764 sq ft
958 – 1,130 sq ft
1,281 – 1,582 sq ft
1,690 sq ft

Years Leasehold
Land Size

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The simplest things are often the truest.
– Richard Bach

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DEVELOPER: United Venture Development (Clementi 1) Pte. Ltd. • COMPANY REGISTRATION NUMBER: 201922672D • DEVELOPER’S LICENCE NUMBER: C1374 • TENURE OF LAND: 99 Years commencing on 7 October 2019 • ENCUMBRANCES: Mortgage Registered in Favour of DBS Bank Ltd as Security Agent • EXPECTED DATE OF NOTICE OF VACANT POSSESSION: 01/09/2024 • EXPECTED DATE OF LEGAL COMPLETION: 01/09/27 • LOT & MUKIM NUMBER: Lot 05455L MK 03 AT Clementi Avenue 1